Prevent Foreclosure

Prevent Foreclosure

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Prevent ForeclosureWhen reaching out to help homeowners prevent foreclosure, we are consistently asked, “Why?  What’s in it for you?”  That’s a great question, and I’ve been struggling to find the right words for the answer.  And here’s how I’ve been able to sum it up:


However, our driving motives to help homeowners prevent foreclosure are a result of our personal experience.  We have personally been in the foreclosure process before and did not know or understand all of our options to actually prevent foreclosure.  Our goal is to ensure our clients are well-informed when faced with making challenging financial decisions regarding their home and their families. 

Our passion is guiding people through the foreclosure process and helping them attain their goals.  And, if that goal is to keep their current home, we will do everything in our power to ensure they have the knowledge, support and resources to attempt to make that a reality.  Why?  Because those are the kinds of people that we needed; and that’s the kind of person we are devoted to be.

When a client reaches out to us for help, we provide a detailed process of actions to take in an effort to reach their goals.  Free of charge and with absolute confidentiality, we provide resources, referrals and time to guide our clients through each of the steps.  Our client is in control of every decision and every action they make to attain their goals – the power is in their hands to prevent foreclosure.


We have been successful in helping our clients prevent foreclosure by refinancing their existing mortgage, identifying creative financing strategies to cure their deficiency and maintain their current mortgage, speaking with attorneys to understand their position with the bank and attorney fees, reaching out to local home counselors to determine eligibility for assistance, and more!  Each homeowner and each situation is unique.  Our priority is to identify the solution that has the greatest benefit for you and your family over the long-term. 

In some situations, homeowners have determined selling their current property is in their best interest to prevent foreclosure.  In these cases, we are in a position to offer our clients a simple way to sell their home without closing costs or commissions, salvage their credit and avoid a foreclosure on their record.  Typical waiting periods to purchase a home after a foreclosure has been noted on your record can be anywhere from 1 – 7 years, dependent upon the situation and circumstances (Source:  MyMortgageInsider).  Our process of completely preventing foreclosure offers our clients the opportunity to minimize their rental time and move into their next home much more quickly.

Yes, we are a real estate investment company.  Yes, we purchase homes that have been in the pre-foreclosure process.  But, we are the investors that devote our time and energy to guide you through the process of potentially staying in your current home and prevent foreclosure.  We are the investors that will ensure you understand the foreclosure timeline.  We are the investors that will help you seek a new home that will fit your budget and look for creative solutions to cover any down-payments.  We are the investors that will pursue ways to repair your credit as quickly as possible.  Why?  Because those are the kinds of people that we needed; and that’s the kind of person we are devoted to be.

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